28GE+4 10GE Switch

28GE+4 10GE Switch

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S3700series switches are L2+ 10G Switches which include four models: S3700-20T4TP4TF-EIS3700-16P8TP4TF-EIS3700-44T4TP4TF-EI andS3700-44P4TP4TF-EI.S3700 series enhanced IPv610G Ethernet Switches are of advanced hardware processing capabilities and therichest business characteristics. With modular design 4 10G SFP+ ports aresupported at maximum which will have 10G extension ability for further gigabitaggregation or access. With hardware supporting IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack andline speed forwarding S3700series switches are of high switching capabilityat the IPv6 age.S3700series switches could be widely used in aggregationlayer for large-scale goveS3700 and enterprises or as core switches for mediumor small enterprises.


Features of 28GE+4 10GE Switch


Various Port Types and Flexible Port Expansion

The S3700supports 2 pieces of 10Gexpansion cards and each contains one or two 10G SFP+ ports. The users canflexibly adopt 1~4 10G ports expansion. The series also provides multiplegigabit ports (24 or 48 Base-T ports and Base-X ports), which could wellsatisfy the demand of large-scale aggregation network or small-and-medium sizecore networks.


Excellent Processing capability

Based on VCore-III MIPS-based CPU;

Up to 360Gbps switching capacity and 96Mppsliner filtering and forwarding speed for S3700-20T4TP4TF-EI/S3700-16P8TP4TF-EI;

Up to 360Gbps switching capacity and131Mppsliner filtering and forwarding speed for S3700-44T4TP4TF-EI/S3700-44P4TP4TF-EI;

Guarantee for non-blocking flow of datawhile forwarding in the backbone network.


Comprehensive Security Control Policies

Support address authentication based on IP +MAC addresses,802.1x authentication, radius and TACACS+ based on user interfaces, and alsosupport IP ACL, MAC ACL, VLAN ACL and L3 / L4 based ACL, can efficiently defendagainst ARP attacks and viruses. Besides,the switch can provide comprehensivestorm control function by suppress broadcast, multicast, DLF flooding and ICMPflooding. The comprehensive secure controls can efficiently guarantee thereal-time effectiveness of all security policies.


Enhanced Reliability Protection Mechanism

Support CPU packedclassification and rate restriction by CPU protection policies, which canprevent against illegal

Packet attacks toCPU and reduce the resource consumption.

Support Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), provide rapidconvergence and improved fault-tolerant capacity. The network sable operationand load balance are well guaranteed, also improved the reasonable use networkchannels and redundant link;

Support Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), canprovide millisecond-level service rearrangement function, keep the continuityof services. With the simple and reliable protocols, high-performancerearrangement function, easy-to-do maintenance and flexible topology, the userscan easily manage and deploy the network.

Carrier-class switching power supply, supporting functionsto prevent against lightning, overpressure and surging. The device can worknormally in bad natural weather and instable voltage environment, suitable for110~240 voltage.


Convenientand Quick Management and Maintenance

Adopt simple visual Web-based interface (http / https), which helpsusers to handle various functions easily and conveniently.

SupportSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that the devices are convenient toconfigure and manage. Small and medium-sized enterprise customers can centralizedmanage the switch easily.

Support CLI command line management and telnet, suitable forprofessional network administrators.

Support SSH2.0 and other encryption, which makes managementmuch more secured.

Support PDP/LLDP protocol for simpler management.

Support NTP protocol for time synchronization automatically.

Support resetting to factory defaults, which makes themaintenance more easily.


Innovative Energy Saving Design, the leader of low-carbon communication

Support IEEE 802.3az (EnergyEfficient Ethernet), port energy detection, CPU variable-frequency anddevice hibernate technology, greatly reducing energy consumption and noisewithout compromising performance and stability.


Specifications of 28GE+4 10GE Switch

Items S3700-20T4TP4TF-EI S3700-16P8TP4TF-EI S3700-44T4TP4TF-EI S3700-44P4TP4TF-EI
Service Ports 24*10/100/1000 Base-T ports 24*1000 Base-X SFP ports 48*10/100/1000 Base-T ports 48*1000 Base-X SFP ports
4*1000 Base-X SFP combo ports 8*10/100/1000 Base-T combo ports 4*1000 Base-X SFP combo ports 4*10/100/1000 Base-T  combo ports
Console Port 1个Console口
Expansion Slots 2* 10G expansion slot(rear panel)
10G Expansion Module One-port 10G SFP+ module
Dual-port 10G SFP+ module
Switching Capacity 360Gbps 360Gbps
Packet Forwarding Capacity 96Mpps 131Mpps
Operation Temperature -20~50°C
Storage Temperature -40~70°C
Operation Humidity 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
Dimensions 440(L)×285(W)×44.5(H)mm
Weight <4Kg
Input Voltage(AC) AC:110~240V/50~60Hz
Power Consumption <50W <70W
Digital Alarm Yes No
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conforming to IEEE 802.3az(Energy Efficient Ethernet )



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