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Anfiber Technology Limited is a leading Fiber Optic Components and Optical fiber network communication products manufacturer,also is a professional hi-tech fiber optic company in telecommunication.
We are committed to providing high cost-effective products and services for cloud service providers, network communication equipment providers, and Universities and research institutes all over the world.

We manufacture Optical Switch, Light Source, Polarization Maintaining Products, High Power Products, Desk-top Variable Optical Attenuator & MEMS VOA,EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier), Optical Coupler and PLC Splitter, Optical Isolator, Optical Circulator, WDM & FWDM & CWDM & DWDM & AWG, Hybrid Device, FBG & FBG Sensor, Optical Patchcord & Adaptor … etc.
Optical Transceivers(SFP,SFP+,QSFP,QSFP+), Direct Attach Cables, Active Optical Cables, … etc.
GPON, EPON, ONU, 100M | 1000M | 10G Fiber Switch, POE Switch, 100M | 1000M Media Converter, … etc.

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