2X2 Polarization Maintaining Optical Switch

2X2 Polarization Maintaining Optical Switch

ANFiber’s 2X2 Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optical Switch is a optical path control device that connects optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. It is widely used in the field of PON networks,optical cross and network monitor, optical fiber ring protection.2X2 PM Fiber Optical Switch features low insertion loss, fast response time,high extinction ratio, and extremely high reliability.

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ANFIBER’s PM Optical Switches series of polarization maintaining Fiber Optic switches are 2×2 ports micro optic devices built with PM Panda fiber.these devices can maintain the polarization of the signal. For a variety of applications, latching as well as non-latching variants are available. The Optical Switches series is characterized with a wide operating wavelength range, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio and excellent stability and reliability.

Applications of PM Optical Switches

Re-Configurable OADM

Optical network protection & restoration

Instrumentation,Testing & Measurement

Optical Cross and connector system

Polarization maintaining optical system

Features of PM Optical Switches

Wide Wavelength Range

Low insertion loss

High extinction ratio

Bi-directional Operation

Excellent stability and reliability

Specifications of PM Optical Switches

Parameter Unit Value
Type 2×2 Polarization Maintaining Optical Switch
Wavelength Range nm 1260~1650
Test Wavelength nm 1310/1550
Max. Insertion Loss dB 1.0
Max. Temperature Dependent Loss dB 0.2
Min. Extinction Ratio Both of axis working dB 20
Min. Return Loss dB 50
Min. Cross Talk dB 50
Max. Switch Time ms 10
Switch Power Voltage +5
Max Optical Power Handling (CW) mW ≤500
Fiber Type PM Panda Fiber
Operating Temperature -10~+70
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Package Dimensions mm L27*W12*H8.2
For device with connector, IL is 0.2dB higher, RL is 3dB lower, ER is 2dB lower;
The default connector key is aligned to slow axis;


Ordering Information:ANFIBER-FSW-2X2-A-B-C-D-E-F

  A B C D E F
Port Test Wavelength Mode Fiber Type Tube Type Fiber Length Connector
2X2 1310: 1310nm

1480: 1480nm

1550: 1550nm


L: Latching

N: Non-Latching

PM:PM Fiber

X: Others

25:250um Bare Fiber

90: 900um Loose Tube

X: Others

05: 0.5m

10: 1.0m

15: 1.5m

X: Others










X: Others

Please provide the correct P/N code in the order information when you inquire about Polarization Maintaining Fiber 2X2 Optical Switch.
Please provide detailed description if you need custom it.
Please contact us:[email protected],we wish to cooperate with you.thanks!


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